Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Listen to the new Damien Rice album


I was a big fan of 'O' the debut album by Damien Rice. The first time I heard it, in a car with my good friend Tim just before we played a gig. Rain was pelting across the windshield like a good Irish, August day and he hit the play button on the stereo. I heard it and loved it, one of the few records I love on first listen. I bought it and played it to death.

So it's with considerable excitement that I write this. You can listen to all of the new album, '9' (another short title) by clicking on the link below. I hope it doesn't suffer from the 'difficult' second album syndrome.

I had a bit of trouble with the old link, so if you had, try this one. It definately works, click on the picture below.

1. 9 Crimes
2. The Animals Were Gone
3. Elephant
4. Rootless Tree
5. Dogs
6. Coconut Skins
7. Me, My Yoke And I
8. Grey Room
9. Accidental Babies
10. Sleep Don't Weep

Stream 9 by Damien Rice here

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