Monday, October 09, 2006

In praise of - Is A Woman

I've got the new iTunes 7, and despite being a bit buggy, it has a great feature called CoverFlow which allows you to see all the albums in your collection, just like flipping through your digital rack.

I was doing this earlier and stumbled accross an album I forgot I had - Lambchop - Is A Woman.

Back in my first year at Cambridge, I saw a poster at the local Corn Exchange that Lambchop were coming to play. Intrigued at the thought of seeing thirteen people on stage playing quiet music, my friend Ali and I snapped up partially sighted seats at half price, £7.50 a pop.

We sat behind a pillar listening to a stupendous array of sounds, two bass guitars, about ten acoustic guitars, beautiful piano and THAT gravel voice of Kurt Wagner.

Just listening to it now reminds me what a great album it is, for fans of Nick Cave but without the weight attached, Willie Nelson (a bit). If you have a copy of it, or the more famous Nixon album, dig it out, and lets enjoy some Lambchop.

Buy it here from Amazon (UK) and listen to a track.

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