Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Steers


I went to see a band last night in the Cardiff Barfly called The Steers. It was one of those nights that I could be talking about for a while. You see it was either their last gig ever, or their last gig ever as an unsigned band.

A small nerdy-looking guy in shorts had arrived from Island Records to check them out with a view to feeding them into his corporate machine. He had every reason to be impressed.

They're emo/indie/punky stuff that's cool these days, and why not? They were very tight, very energetic and they rocked. There were about 4 standout songs, they'd make great singles. The guitarist Sid, jumped about the stage like a man possessed, i was convinced he was going to smash the head of his guitar into the wall beside him. Ben, who lives in the same house as my brother, was solid on the bass and the 16 year old drummer rocked.

Check out 'Leave' on their myspace site HERE.

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