Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh No! Not ANOTHER new Ryan Adams Record

It's not exactly another new Adams record. The boy who put the pro into prolific couldn't sit still and has managed to lend his band, The Cardinals to country legend Willie Nelson for "Songbird", a new album of original music and cover versions.

"Songbird" has been given an October 31 release on Lost highway records, and featured Adams as producer and collaborator, and his band The Cardinals on all 11 tracks. Nelson's long-time harmonica master Mickey Raphael also joins the fray.

"Songbird" was recorded at Loho Studios in New York, NY and mixed by Jamie Candiloro and features Adams on acoustic and electric guitar and bass. Tracks include "Back To Earth", written by Nelson, "Blue Hotel", written by Adams specifically for the Red Headed Stranger, and cover versions of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah and Gram Parsons' "$1000 Wedding", among others.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

"Rainy Day Blues" Willie Nelson
"Songbird" Christine McVie
"Blue Hotel" Ryan Adams
"Back To Earth" Willie Nelson
"Stella Blue" Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter
"Hallelujah" Leonard Cohen
"$1000 Wedding" Gram Parsons
"We Don't Run" Willie Nelson
"Yours Love" Harlan Howard
"Sad Songs And Waltzes" Willie Nelson
"Amazing Grace" Traditional Arr. by Ryan Adams

I've just got my copy so a review will follow shortly.

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