Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer reads

I have my last exam tomorrow, after that I'm going to have some free time for once. My mind has turned to books to bring on my summer holiday to Italy. It's the only couple of weeks a year I seem to be able to start and finish a book. I know for sure a few books I want to read, but I'm looking to the blogosphere for reccomendations.

jLike I said earlier, I have pre-ordered J-Pod and am very much looking forward to "Microserfs for the Google generation", although I have yet to read a review.

Secondly, I think far too long has gone by and I still haven't read The Great Gatsby. David says it is his favourite novel so I really must see what all the fuss is about.

Apart from those, I have some space in my bag and some time booked, so what do you reccomend? Please leave a comment and enlighten me. Any books you just can't put down?

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David Williamson said...

Delighted to hear that you will be reading the Great Gatsby this summer. I hope you look up to see me perform me Mongolian triple-somersault into the pool.

Gatsby ranks with Hamlet and the Big Lebowski as a cultural experience which initiates you into a tribe with a glorious frame of reference fo love, joy and sorrow, and a patois to enrich conversation (To be or not to be? Your phone's ringing, dude.)

Like a zebra leaving the ark three months after everyone else, I've bought Sufjan's Illinoise. What an incredible album. He's the only musician I know whose music instantly triggers movie plots in my head.

Congratulations in advance on the exam results.

Love, David