Monday, May 22, 2006

Perfect moments in cinema - Heat

I don't own many DVDs, but one that I do have is Heat. Michael Mann's thrilling heist movie definately ranks in my top 5 films and grows with repeated viewings.

In a new feature, Stylus magazine are looking at perfect moments in cinema. Where better to start than with Heat, a film jam-packed with them. If you like the movie, and you probably do, then spend a minute to read this insightful homage to the final showdown at LAX airport.

The tension and sense of danger is palpable. Unlike most good guy/bad guy payoffs, neither man wants to harm the other, but they have backed themselves into a corner and something has to give. As a viewer, we, too, are torn, undecided as to what we want to see happen. McCauley’s intelligent, lonely thief is eminently likeable and we badly want him to get away. Hanna’s career policeman has had too many knocks and no real luck; we don’t want this to become one of the statistics that have plagued his life and marriages.

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