Wednesday, May 24, 2006

CD review - Ron Sexmith : Time Being

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Ron just after the release of his side-project with Don Kerr called Destination Unknown. He's a great guy and a wonderful song-writer. A pity his record sales don't reflect the size of his talent, but isn't that often the way? His new reocord proper is a must, and even if you haven't listened to him before, this provides a great way in. I'm giving it:

Ron Sexsmith
Time Being

Ron Sexsmith is no stranger to this game. His tenth, and most accessible album yet, uses all his experience and tricks gleaned over the years to produce a gem.
Teaming up once again with long-time producer Mitchell Froom, Sexsmith opts not to rekindle his youth, but instead to reflect on the passing years. He does so with mellow wisdom, relying on well thought lyrics, natural acoustic sounds and strong melodies.

The album opens with "Hands Of Time", a song about the importance of "this here and now" and feeling "When you move your snow-white hand in mine." Over the next eleven tracks he ponders the well trodden themes of the fleeting nature of life and time, eventual death and the possibilities after that. The beguiling vocals and exquisite harmonies draw you in immediately without the need for repeated listens.

The highlight of the album is "Snow Angel". Using the image of a melting snowman as a metaphor for love, Ron remains upbeat, his delicate vocals creating something beautiful. "Never Give Up", with its whispered, hopeful message stands out along with "Ship of Fools"- a McCartney-esque pop ballad with the best chorus on the record.

Eight months after the worthy detour of "Destination Unknown", Ron Sexmith returns with one of his strongest albums yet. Mid-life crisis has never sounded so good.

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