Monday, December 12, 2005

Kubb - Mother cd review





It's not even piffle, it's piffle lite. Kubb typifies everything wrong with the music industry today. Mother is heavily promoted, but without merit. It's Keane with electric guitars and oh-so-insincere emotion. It's where they listened to Coldplay and thought they too could fake some feelings. It's Katie Melua for coffee-table music-listeners who like whatever is advertised at Tesco and fits neatly into their Ikea CD-tower.

Kubb have been compared to Jeff Buckley but thats insulting the late great artist. Sure the singer has a reasonably wide range but he lacks any of the innovation. This record will appeal to fans of James Blunt and other weedy male singer-songwriters and half-baked indie kids. Kubb fills twelve tracks by ripping off Lennon, Buckley and even Queen, but adding nothing of their own.

That he has already been on Later with Jools Holland, is taking up the airwaves on Radio 1and the cd racks of your local retailer is a travesty; there are plenty of more deserving artists. The singer has a voice, but he's more suited to pop-idol than penning his own serious music. Perhaps if we ignore this song-writing by numbers it will go away.

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