Friday, December 30, 2005

About the music's top 10 albums of 2005

I originally posted this a while back but right now everybody seems to be putting theirs out so I thought I would move it up the list a little.

I've been asked to compile my top 10 albums of the year for a magazine. It was something I hadn't really given much thought to until now. So after a bit of head scratching I've made it. Number one was easy, but I had a bit more trouble deciding the bottom five. Close contenders were Maria Taylor 11:11 and Iron & Wine's Woman King, but then it is only an EP. Here we go.

1. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

2. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning

3. Sigur Ros - Takk

4. Josh Rouse- Nashville

5. Ryan Adams – Cold Roses

6. Arcade Fire – Funeral

7. Brendan Benson – The Alternative To Love

8. Richmond Fontaine – The Fitzgerald

9 Duke Special – Adventures in Gramophone

10. The Mountain Goats – The Sunset Tree

Top 10 lists are by their nature controversial. Who would you change/add? Leave a comment.

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David Williamson said...

Love the new title typeface, and the selection of albums.

The cover artwork is all beautiful. I wish I'd listened to all the titles... As it is, 2005 has been quite a fallow year for me in terms of books read and CDs heard. I think I've had more continuous social interaction than ever before, but I guess this has come at a cost. Or maybe I just can't remember anything past three weeks ago? Do you remember me reading or listening to anything?

From a puzzled perspective...


1. A Life Aquatic - Bill Murray hunting a shark
2. Downfall - Hitler in a bunker
3. Melinda & Melinda - Woody Allen returning to form

(Also rans: Sideways, King Kong, Crash, Broken
Flowers, The Fog of War)


1. The Music of Chance (Paul Auster) - A card game
goes wrong and two guys are forced to build a giant
2. Out of Sheer Rage (Geoff Dyer) - how writing a book
about DH Lawrence can wreck your life
3. Blink (Malcolm Gladwell) - the power of the gut


1. The Arcade Fire, Funeral
2. Sufjan Stevens, Seven Swans
3. Goldfrapp, Supernature