Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Narnia is ‘racist’ and ‘misogynistic’ says Pullman

Author Philip Pullman has attacked the CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, calling them ‘racist’ and ‘misogynistic’. His biggest chriticism is that as it is supposed to have Christian references, it lacks Christian virtues. He claims that there is not a trace of love in the books, instead they are ‘reactonary’ and ‘prejudiced’.

Now I’ve read the Narnia stories, and I’m pretty sure Pullman hasn’t from his comments. To say that it lacks Christian virtues is a bit naïve as the whole story is a classic battle of good against evil, one that Pullman himself has ripped off with every book he writes. It tells the story of Aslan, the good character coming to save Narnia from the reign of the White Witch by sacrificing himself so that the others can be saved. Towards the end of The Lion, the Witch… he breathes new life into all the prisoners who had been turned into stone. Aslan rescues Edmund, despite the fact that he had joined the side of the White Whitch and spurned Aslan.

But there is no love in Narnia? It’s just prejudiced? I think Pullman had better do some reading. It sounds to me like a sound bite for some cheap publicity. On a discussion board I saw, someone had joined Pullman’s criticism slamming the Narnia chronicles claiming that they were “derisive about vegetarianism”. Oh please.

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ross said...

Philip Pullman is a dick.