Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mi and L'au


Mi is a female Finnish model. L'au is a French soundtrack producer. Mi and L'au meet in Paris, fall head over heels in love, and move to the woods in Finland to live happily every after in peace making very slow, quiet records.

Think a bit Bjork, a bit Joanna Newsom, a bit Devandra Banhart (labelmates), a bit Anthony and the Johnsons and you're almost there. The music is all sparse, and delicate, and slightly unsettling- voice, acoustic guitars, and other orchestrations. It's not really the weird folk stuff that's going about at the minute, but perhaps a distant cousin of it.

If you imagine what music made in the Finnish woods would sound like, then it probably sounds like Mi and L'au. There are no fast songs, no hooks, no singles you must burn, but that's not the point. Together they are enchanting, as beguiling as the Greek sirens Odysseus tried to resist. It's one to watch for if you like your Scandanavian folk wispy and melancholic.

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Anonymous said...

this is no ice... this is edelweist ...