Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire

 It's been a while in coming (I'm not counting III/IV as it wasn't a 'proper' album, rather a series of outtakes, and not a very good series at that) but Ryan Adams finally has a new album.

 It's not a Cardinals record, it's not a 'it's actually Ryan Adams & The Cardinals but the record company thinks it will sell better if we leave the Cardinals out of the title like Easy Tiger record, it is in fact just Ryan. Mostly acoustic.

Think Heartbreaker.

That's right, Heartbreaker. Probably Ryan Adams at his best.

Ashes & Fire was produced by Glyn Johns, a legendary producer renowned for his work with the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Clash, The Who and The Rolling Stones. You have probably heard of his son son Ethan who produced previous Ryan Adams albums Heartbreaker, Gold and 29.

He has pedigree.

The press release claims that "From the slow burning stunner of an opener "Dirty Rain" through the infectious shuffle of the title track and irresistible harmonies of "Lucky Now," to the closing lament of "I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say," Ashes & Fire is arguably the most cohesive and beautiful album of Adams' distinguished career."

 A review is coming soon, and from what I've heard of the album I have no reason to disagree.


 In studio acoustic version of Ashes & Fire: In studio acoustic version of Dirty Rain:

 Invisible Riverside Invisible Riverside by ryanadams
 Lucky Now Lucky Now by ryanadams

 Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire is out October 11 on PAX-AM/Capitol.


John said...

Amazing stuff, visceral, unreleased yet already timeless...
Can't wait for 10/11.

Eesti said...

This new Ryan Adams album is fantastic, almost every single song is a keeper. I am a huge fan of his "Love is Hell" double album and this new work does not disappoint, it raises the bar. If an album this good could come out every day, the world would have no troubles. This isn't just a CD full of good music....this is a collection of beautiful, touching, emotionally moving songs that I will have with me forever, like a killer tattoo