Friday, March 12, 2010

Fiction Fight - Jacob

Fiction Fight are an up and coming Coventry, UK-based band delivering a mixture of alternative and electronic music with strong lyrics and melodies.

Fiction Fight's latest EP, Jacob, is described by the band as a mixture of early TV on the Radio with the strings from Bjork. There are definitive hints of TV On The Radio but it sounds to me to be much more like the dark, brooding guitar of Mogwai or Boards of Canada with an electronic alter-ego.

The EP opens with "Broken Drum" and the sound of a looped, (broken?) drum beat and atmospheric guitar chords. The three members are Josiah Gillespie, a homegrown, heart-on-sleeve folkster from America and Cornwall, Chris Donald, post-hardcore kid fresh from the Yorkshire scene and Rachel Challis, drummer turned guitarist turned singer. Most tracks on the EP feature layered male and female vocals over electronic drums similar to Radiohead's Amnesiac era, especially (think Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors or Idioteque)

Clouds, the third and significantly strongest track, brightens things up with a pretty, Air- Moon Safari -like melody, a rising chorus and a wonderful grooving bass line ending wonderfully with reverb drenched vocals and horns.

To fill the expansive sound out live, the tour band includes Tim Pitt on drums, Matt Donald on bass and Nathan Leigh on keys. Luke Richardson (keys/trumpet) and Anna Brigham (violin/cello). They will shortly be touring the UK so keep your eyes peeled for some fresh new alternative electronica

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