Monday, February 15, 2010

Elliot Smith

Ever since Elliot Smith tragically died on 21 October 2003 I have had this fear that people will forget about him. I'm currently listening to, rediscovering and enjoying his last proper studio album: Figure 8.

Check out this for a great Elliott Smith song

My friend Matt gave me a copy Figure 8 in the summer of 2000 when I was recording an album. He waxed lyrical as a producer does about how the vocals are double tracked and panned left/right. and how he put delay on a whole drum kit on "Everything Means Nothing To Me".

Not only did he play all the instruments but he constantly innovated with alternate tunings and effects to create multi-layerd sonic textures while always leaving a strong melody in place.

My iTunes classifies him as lo-fi alt. singer-songwriter but he turned to many styles throughout his brief career. To anyone out there who has missed Smith, do yourself a favour, give it a listen.

Essential Elliott Smith

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