Friday, April 11, 2008

Billy Brag loves Duke Special!

In no less than the New York Times, Billy Brag annunces he's a fan of Belfast's favourite, dreadlocked son - Duke Special. Let's hope he keeps spreading the word.

In an article entitled Guitar Licks That Resonate and Lyrics That Linger he writes about the Duke:

Duke Special

He’s a very interesting-looking guy. He’s got dreadlocks, wears eye makeup and a kind of old-style army uniform — slightly Sgt. Pepper — and he has a bit of an Ulster brogue. “Songs From the Deep Forest” (V2) is a lovely album. Americans might refer to his music as vaudevillian; we would say it’s got a musical twist. He writes beautiful songs, mostly love songs, which he sings in a plaintive voice. He’s a bit like an Irish Rufus Wainwright; he’s got that sort of vibe. He has that sense of drama, except he’s not quite as fey as Rufus, he’s a little bit more up close and personal. Being a songwriter, I get sucked into the lyrics first. The song “Portrait” makes my son and me want to hoof around the kitchen, Gene Kelly style.

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