Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jesse Malin - On Your Sleeve CD Review


Jesse Malin is a great singer-songwriter. His first album, The Fine Art of Self Destruction, recorded with the help of Ryan Adams propelled him into the limelight and remains a classic today.

This, his fourth studio album, recorded in 7 days, features 14 covers ranging from Tom Waits and Neil Young to Paul Simon and Lou Reed's ("Walk On the Wild Side"). He has deliberatly chosen a range of melodies different to his own design as a lesson in versatility. It sounds like it was a lot of fun to make but unless you are a diehard fan there's not a lot of reason to buy this. Having said that the songs are well chosen, the band are good and his cover of "Everybody's Talkin" is really great.

For fans of: Any of the original artists
Download: Me and Julio down by the school yard, Walk on the Wild Side
Rating: 7/10

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Thom Stone said...

Great review, a lot more of an open minded take on this record than others seem to have.