Thursday, November 08, 2007

CD Review - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Everybody Knows EP

Ryan Adams - Everybody Knows EP


Another day, another Ryan Adams release. Of course he's prolific but this isn't quite an album, but at 8 songs long, it's not missing much. To coincide with the UK tour this EP is released as a stand-alone version and as a bonus on a limited edition version of Easy Tiger.

The title track is taken from Easy Tiger and wieghing in at 2:26, it's short, snappy and sweet; everything a single should be. Seven new recordings follow - 'Follow The Lights' is a 'Demolition' style acoustic song with a harmony chorus and simple structure. 'My Love For You Is Real' is a very early Adams song resurrected and revamped for US TV Drama 'October Road'. It's the stand out track from the EP, similar to 'Oh My Sweet Carolina' from Ryan's debut.

What follows is a Ryan Adams recording of the song he wrote for Willie Nelson to sing on his songbird record, and it sounds great, slightly more acoustic to Willie's version but full of gusto. 'Down In A Hole' is a cover of the Alice In Chains classic before a Cardinals version of 'This Is It' the opening song from the ill-fated Rock'n'Roll album. Laid back, unpretentious and comfortable in it's own skin, it sounds like it was always meant to.

The EP closes with two live in the studio recordings of 'If I Am A Stranger' from Cold Roses and 'Dear John' from Jacksonville City Nights. Until hearing this version I'd never realised just how good a song '...Stranger' is and while 'Dear John' isn't his strongest, it closes a worthy EP. While it probably won't convince any doubters, it tastes like milk and honey to the converted.

Download: Everybody Knows, My Love For You Is Real, Blue Hotel
For fans of: Whiskeytown, Wilco, The Jayhawks
Rating: 8/10


Lindsay said...

The song "If I am a Stranger" is amazing on the EP. I actually prefer this version to the version on Cold Roses. amazing.

Manjo said...

absolutely, I think it's much more like a Heartbreaker style recording.

lindsay said...

I'm a newly converted Ryan Adams fan, so I don't have Heartbreaker yet, but it's on my list of albums to pick up sometime soon! yay!