Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Silversun Pickups pick up some speed

They're known as the new Smashing Pumpkins. Which is unfortunate really as the new Smashing Pumpkins are in fact, the Smashing Pumpkins as Billy Corgan has reunited with orginal drummer for new album and tour. Speaking of which, here you can stream the whole album of Zeitgeist.


But this is a post about Silversun pickups. Their album is good, a lot of fuzz, steady songs, good melodies and probably all it takes to 'make it'. And it appears they're going about it the right way. Signed to Warner Bros, big label promotion and now support slots for Foo Fighters and Snow Patrol...all of this before a commercial single release! You can catch them on XFM and Later with Jools... and if you want more:

'Well Thought Out Twinkles' - the new single from their album 'Carnavas' is released on July 16 (digital release July 9).

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