Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New music

I got a few new records recently. First of all I had to go out and buy the limited edition version of Takk by Sigur Ros. It's wonderful. A little hard back book, a bit like the limited edition amnesiac record, with some beautiful artwork and the CD is held in a card page with a bird shape cut out of it. Oh, and the record is pretty great too.

Rather less aesthetically pleasing I got 1990 by Daniel Johnston. I heard about him at the Glen Hansard concert in Lisburn. He played a lovely cover and then recommended 1990 as the album to get. Daniel used to write hundreds of songs a day as a form of therapy on a little cassette recorder and then sell them in the street. Each tape was unique, eventually attracting record label interest. He has an interesting voice, and original lyrics.

Another record I found in my letterbox today was by Orenda Fink, the other half of Azure Ray (that role taken by the delightful Maria Taylor). Apparently it's all about spiritual journeys in Haiti and India. Could be Sgt Peppers then? I haven't listened to it yet but plan to later on today. The guys from Now It's Overhead and Bright Eyes perform on it. A promising start. Other new music I'm excited about is the new Jacksonville City Nights album. But more to come on that when I get a copy.

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