Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Deadman cd review

ARTIST: Deadman
ALBUM: Our Eternal Ghosts
LABEL: One Little Indian

Before recording The Joshua Tree, U2 extensively listened to American ‘roots music’; old gospel, folk, Americana, Woodie Guthrie, Gram Parsons et al. Deadman’s latest album, Our Eternal Ghosts comes from the same musical seed and could be a cousin to the Irish groups breakthrough record.

The Texan duo’s second full-length is produced by Mark Howard (U2, Bob Dylan, Emmy Loy Harris) and his influence is everywhere, it would be no surprise is Daniel Lanois turned up in the credits. The opening track When The Music's Not Forgotten sounds like an old Gram Parsons and Emmy Lou number, written for the late, great Jonny Cash on the day he died.

Steven and Sherilyn Collins’ melodies combine beautifully, but the best tracks are found at the grittier edge of Americana, with a nod to Neil Young and Springsteen style electric guitar. The later part of the album can meander into monotony, but on the whole it’s a worthy effort and a short education in American music.

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