Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nine Fine Wines

Myself and my good friend Dave attended a tutored wine tasting evening recently. Equipped with a discerning palette and professional tasting glasses we gupled, swirled, smelt and spat our way through nine, rather fine wines. Over the next few weeks I will profile some of them here.

To start with I'll recommend an excellent white, the Sanctuary Sauvignon Blanc. As their wine buyer, Sainsbury's have a pretty rare master of wine. This New Zealand wine is made exclusively for Sainsbury's by the Marlborough winery Grove Mill. It's very fruity with gooseberry aromas and flavours of asparagus and fresh limes. Crusoes, our hosts for the evening provided grilled goats' cheese as a perfect accompaniment. You could also try roasted tomatoes on warm ciabatta bread, Also fish, seafood and fresh asparagus. Best of all, there was a glut of NZ grapes last year so this is available for under a fiver!

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