Monday, April 18, 2005


Wednesday of last week was a good day. Specifically it was review day and this week I received three new releases. They are:

The Mountain Goats – The Sunset Tree (4AD)

The Mountain Goats are one of those bands whose name I have seen about the place for a while but never actually heard. It’s really the thoughts and songs of John Darnielle. John Peel was a long time fan of the Mountain Goats and a lot of The Sunset Tree first appeared on a Peel session. It’s intense and passionate, lyrics almost shouted over acoustic guitar, it feels real.

Turin Brakes – JackInABox (Source UK)

I really liked The Optimist LP, was disappointed by the follow up and have low expectations for this release. I hope that it will be TB back to their best, writing great catchy acoustic pop tunes.

Maria Taylor – 11:11 (Saddle Creek)

Maria Taylor is better known as half of Azure Ray, and a quarter of Now It’s Overhead (REM’s new favourite band). Notably she’s on Bright Eyes’ label, and Conor Oberst sings backing vocals on several tracks. I’ve never heard her solo, but I expect quiet but stirring songs.

I’ll be posting the reviews here as soon as they’re done.

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